Per Diem Work and your Resume

Most employers are looking for candidates who have a solid work history. Hiring managers are notorious for quickly rejecting the resume of a “job hopper”. Your willingness to work varying types of assignments can show employers that you are flexible and have the ability to work in any type of team environment. Don’t shy away from listing this work history on your resume.  For nurses whose resumes are filled with per diem, contract or travel assignments, the goal is to highlight the positives.

  1. Clearly state your intentions using a personal or purpose statement
    The top of your resume should include a statement that speaks to your previous work history and your intention going forward. If you have worked travel assignments and now desire to work in a full time, permanent role, clearly tell prospective employers about that desire.  This is a great place to briefly explain any gaps in employment or career decisions that may appear “strange” on paper.  If you have been working per diem for a specific reason (like caring for an aging parent), use this space to explain.
  2. List per diem, contract and travel jobs along with any other positions
    List your per diem, contract and travel jobs in chronological order, alongside your full-time employment in the Employment History section of your resume. Format these jobs just like you do other jobs, listing the month and year of start, month and year of end, location, specialty and any special skills or procedures you utilized or learned.
  3. Clearly identify these as Per Diem
    Make it easier for a hiring manager to decipher, include the term “Per Diem” (or contract or travel) in the job title. This will indicate that you intended the position to be part-time or temporary and did not shirk your job responsibilities by leaving a permanent job after a short period of time.
  4. Highlight your Per Diem jobs as part of your career path
    Working per diem, contract and travel positions can have a positive impact on your career path and should be highlighted. These often mean that you have been exposed to all types of nurse managers, varying team sizes, numerous EMR/EHR systems and multiple health systems.  You’ve been exposed to a wide array of patient populations and health issues that are prevalent only in certain parts of the country.  You are a better nurse because of these experiences so be proud to list them out

Capstone Healthcare Staffing loves per diem, contract and travel nurses. We have experts who are happy to help you craft a resume that will get the attention of the hiring manager! Contact us today for a free resume consultation.



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