Is Flu Prevention Effective?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the “CDC”) and healthcare providers across the nation are continually releasing information about how to avoid getting the flu. Prevention is an important part of disease epidemic control. For most healthy adults, the flu is miserable but tolerable. For the very young, the elderly or those with health issues, the flu can be deadly!

What would happen if we collectively decided to ignore flu prevention guidelines?

We asked our Nurses to tell us the most common ways that patients (and the general public) fail to follow the flu prevention suggestions. The result of this failure is an increased number physician and emergency room visits. We’ve complied the top three worst mistakes when it comes to flu prevention:

Don’t wash your hands

  • Your skin is the largest organ in (on) your body and your hands are most exposed part of that organ
  • Your hands touch thousands of surfaces every day
  • Your hands have direct access to your mouth and eyes
  • Your hands can transfer germs, bacteria and viruses instantaneously

Go into public when you are sick

  • In this fast paced world, it is hard to stay put when you are not feeling well
  • Fever is a great indicator that you should not go into public
  • No matter the precautions you take, you never know who you will come into contact with

Touch every surface

  • Door handles, elevator buttons and water fountains are often touched, but rarely cleaned
  • Every public surface is potentially contaminated
  • When you touch surfaces and don’t wash your hands, you are at risk

Capstone Healthcare Staffing is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees and the public! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the best ways to prevent the spread of flu:


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