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Do you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in learning more about per diem or travel assignments with Capstone Healthcare Staffing? By submitting their name through the referral program, you can earn referral bonuses up to $200 for a single referral.

Unlike some other companies, you do not need to be working with Capstone in order to be eligible for a referral bonus.

Once your referral has completed 100 hours of per diem work, we will send you a bonus check.  Call our staffing coordinators for details.

Tyler:   (903) 526-8600

Dallas:   (214) 630-5600

Toll Free:   (866) 839-5627

Fax:  (866) 526-8601




Per Diem Assignments

Local & Travel Assignments

Local Contract Assignments

6 to 26 weeks in a variety of settings and shifts. "Per diem type" wages, while offering a regular and predictable schedule.


Traveler Assignments 13, 17 or 26-week assignments throughout the United States.

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