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Corporate Office

1415 Troup Hwy.

Tyler, Texas 75701

Tel: (903) 526-8600

Fax: (903) 526-8601


Dallas Office

7502 Greenville Ave.
Suite 500
Dallas, Texas 75231

Tel: (214) 630-5600

Fax: (214) 889-5000


Toll Free:

Tel: (866) 839-5627

Fax: (866) 526-8601

Current Jobs

Job Openings & Contract Assignments in Northeast Texas:

Click here to see (1) local contracts (Northeast Texas), (2) travel contracts (Across the US), and Per Diem Assignments (Northeast Texas).

Serving Hospitals throughout Northeast Texas with per diem and contact assignments.

Per Diem Assignments

Local & Travel Assignments

Local Contract Assignments

6 to 26 weeks in a variety of settings and shifts. "Per diem type" wages, while offering a regular and predictable schedule.


Traveler Assignments 13, 17 or 26-week assignments throughout the United States.

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